The SIGNATURE MAGNETS for sale on this site are hand-made from start to finish by the visual artist Vel Z and his team. The photographs ( © Vel Z ) are digitally manipulated, printed on photographic paper, labelled on the back and mounted on 5 cm x 17 cm magnetic supports with the aid of a specialised press so that they may be viewed horizontally or vertically.

Some magnets stand alone while others form part of a group, however, even the latter may be sold separately on account of their individual character.

The magnets are grouped into collections and clearly labelled. Please use the separator on the left side of this page to access the COLLECTIONS. The magnets have a fixed price of €10,00. They can be ordered online and, whenever possible, will be delivered personally against payment. When this is not possible they can be sent by post or by any other means with transport costs born by the client.

To place an order or clarify any queries please send an email with your name and telephone number to this e-mail address: zmagnets@karnart.org